$20 off any purchase over $150 – FlyEx September Promo Code

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Get $20 off any purchase made on the FlyEx Traveler App when using promo code: Sept2017

A jungle waterfall cascades into a pool in Costa Rica
Aerial view above Argentina

This offer is only valid until September 30th 2017.

How to Book:

Download the FlyEx Traveler app here (only available on iOS — Android coming soon). Launch the app, and register with FlyEx.

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Stay at home mom becomes Aviator

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I started using the app and found some great deals, I started as a Traveler purchasing travel and then wanted to share access to these great deals and become an Aviator.

I purchased a trip for my mother and I at an incredible price, I decided that I wanted to become an Aviator and help others travel as well.

I even make enough to pay for all my travel this year. I never thought I could afford otherwise.

6 Tips For Better Business Trips

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The more you travel, the better each trip should be right? Well, it never seems to get any easier, but in a perfect world maybe.  We all know that preparing for a business trip, either within the country or abroad can prove to be a somewhat stressful activity – especially if you’re a picky traveler who has high standards! There’s no avoiding these trips though, as business trips are as necessary component for growth as having an email address. Skype can only go so far right? Some people really need a firm handshake on a deal, so you hit the road and git-er-done.  

Join the Travel Revolution!

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Want to travel everywhere at prices lower than anywhere?
The Travel Revolution starts with you! Introducing FlyEx!

FlyEx is a revolutionary new travel app that offers the world’s lowest fares on flights and hotels. We do this by allowing for real time bargaining between Travelers and our trusted Aviators, who control our profit on each sale.