The more you travel, the better each trip should be right? Well, it never seems to get any easier, but in a perfect world maybe.  We all know that preparing for a business trip, either within the country or abroad can prove to be a somewhat stressful activity – especially if you’re a picky traveler who has high standards! There’s no avoiding these trips though, as business trips are as necessary component for growth as having an email address. Skype can only go so far right? Some people really need a firm handshake on a deal, so you hit the road and git-er-done.  

So, everyone at FlyEx appreciates this, after all we were founded out the idea of making a super easy, and affordable travel booking tool that saves you time as much as it saves you money.That is why we strive to provide the fastest and easiest way for frequent travelers to find the best hotels for their own tastes, every time they travel.

So in keeping with our main company mission of making life easier for our traveling comrades, we’d like to bestow upon you the FlyEx team’s personal business trip tips….say that three times fast!

Here are 6 unique tips from FlyEx to keep in mind for your next business trip:

Book the right hotel without needing review sites:  So, we will just get the necessary plug out of the way here then… Look at your calendar, decide when the trip is going to take place and if you already have a FlyEx account you can literally just open the app, plug in your dates and location into your search and boom, you’ll get some sweet deals. Guaranteed!

Pack a random “junk drawer” kit: Now, we know you’re not going backpacking across the himalayas here, so you can leave the duct tape at home but you’d be surprised how many times a  random trinket can save you time and money while traveling. For instance, our Marketing VP,   Adam, never leaves his home airport without a junk bag (usually the smallest pocket on his carryon) that includes random change, a pen, floss, ear plugs, eye mask, a safety pin or two, a flash drive, band aids, a condom (not a joke, you’d be surprised how many ways this can come in handy) etc. Thank us later.

Save and utilize room freebies: No matter how rich, or cheap you think you may be…it’s wasteful to throw away the half used hotel sized shampoos and shower caps. One amazing idea our VP of Engineering, Tom had was to use the shower caps as shoe covers in your carryon. This keeps the shoes from scuffing your shirts! Genius! You never know when that sewing kit could come in handy either!

Switch time zones prior to traveling: Another tip from our Marketing Head, who has done long haul, 17 hour flights many times and should know a thing or two about long distance travel. Adam suggests converting to your destination’s time zone a day before you travel as a surefire way to combat jet lag…this is especially useful if you have meetings right upon arrival. Those can be brutal so if you switch to the time of wherever your meeting is, you’ll be way better off.

Save local reading material offline for plane: Let’s be honest, wifi on planes sucks still to this day. We all agree with Louis CK in this hilarious clip on Conan  about how stuck up we all are about technology and how grumpy we get when it doesn’t work but save the wifi on the plane for a better option. Just download some good tips and info about the city/language/culture of the place you’re visiting. Great for getting some knowledge while you get there and it’ll work even in airplane mode.

Get advice from locals: Use one of the many incredible social networks that connect tourists and locals. Couchsurfing is the originator but has lost some of it’s uniqueness now with the emergence of other sites like Nomaders. This is an amazing way to maximize your limited free time in an area when on business. And since the likelihood of you returning is high as it’s a work trip, it’s great to get to have someone to visit for a drink or a meal every once in awhile.

Hope you liked our tips! If you did please share them on your favorite social network so you can help even more people travel better! As always check out and download our app to save time next time you need to book a hotel or flight.