It’s that time again. Your boss walks into your office and tells you he wants you to be at that big conference in New York on Monday. You’re initially psyched! Yay, work trip! You can’t wait to get out of the office right?

But then you realize that the work you have to get through by the end of the day resembles something like this:

 Add to that, you have to be across the country in a couple days!? She tells you that have to book your flight and you’ll get reimbursed later. Oh, and where are you going to stay? How are you going to get to that conference? Suddenly your excitement dwindles when you realize you have to figure out this trip on top of all of your other work. You hop onto a bunch of different travel sites, hoping you can find a good hotel and flight deal quickly. But then you enter the rabbit hole of endless options.

Then you look over at your colleague, Jen, who is going on the trip with you. Her expression looks something like this:

Why isn’t Jen stressing as much as you? Jen even has time to grab a quick lunch with your boss…which in-turn makes you look like this:

So after a long weekend of finishing that stack of work and researching, booking and rebooking your trip, you finally get to the airport together. You rushed through security and just barely get to your gate with a few minutes to spare. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Jen. She looks well rested, and is staring out a window, looking at planes as if she has the time to ponder how those giant machines manage to stay in the sky.

And you’re over here staring at a real life travel ad like this:

You give in at this point and ask Jen how in the world she managed to get her travel booked so easily, and you crack and ask her what her identical trip cost? Jen tells you about FlyEx, an app that not only has the lowest fares on travel in the world,  a price beat guarantee (The Beat Zone) but also ACTUAL travel experts that help you with your purchase. She explains how it literally took her ten seconds to tell her “Aviator” where the conference was, and the dates that she needed to be there, and they did the rest. FlyEx even gave her a further discount so she wouldn’t have to search anywhere else. Price was good, boss was happy and Jen got back to what she did best, her job. Jen probably felt like this:

So the next time you have to book a business trip, or any trip for that matter, be like Jen and check out first. We not only have the best deals, we will beat ANY deal you find anywhere else….and do it faster than any other travel app out there. Don’t believe us, check for yourself.

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